2012-07-19 Update on Dream Act (Deferred Action Policy)

Jim Wilson / The New York Times / Redux

2012-07-19 Update on Dream Act (Deferred Action Applicant)

I attended a seminar today about Deferred Action. Right now, Immigration tentatively says August 1, 2012 will be the day to unveil the program and applications will be able for submission on August 15, 2012.

Regarding Education Requirement:
GED program enrollment counts as “current enrolled in school” requirement. Therefore, if you are an applicant and you are not currently enrolled in school, it is very important to look into the GED program enrollment or community college enrollment. Immigration will accept recent enrollment, EVEN AFTER June 16, as long as you are enrolled in school at the time you apply for Deferred Action.

Regarding Travel:
Applicants who are granted deferred action status may be able to travel abroad for humanitarian reasons.

Regarding Criminal history:
There are some crimes that are subject to mandatory detention, so if the applicant has any criminal history, it is imperative for them to obtain the court documents before applying for deferred action to make sure that they will not be subject to mandatory detention.

Regarding filing fees:
$380 for the work permit application and $85 for biometrics (fingerprints). there will be an extra fee for deferred action application, which is not yet decided on the amount.

Regarding confidentiality:
Immigration is trying to come up with a system where the filing of deferred action will be centralized and guarantee that the application will be kept confidential and will not lead to deportation in the future.

Here is a Frequently Asked Question Section from USCIS that talks a little bit more about what the requirements are and answers for some of the frequently asked questions: Click HERE to read more.


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