Dream Act (Deferred Action) for Childhood Arrivals Process Update

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Jim Wilson / The New York Times / Redux


Cumulative to Date

  1.  Intake

# of requests accepted for processing


  1. Biometrics

# of biometric appointments scheduled*


  1. Adjudication

# of requests ready fo review**


  1. Completed

# of requests completed


* The number of biometrics appointments may exceed the total number of cases due to rescheduling by the requestor
** Includes all requests having biometrics captured and before decision

Data represents period August 15, 2012 – September 13, 2012

Systems: Lockbox Intake System, Biometrics Capture Systems, CIS Consolidated Operational Repository (CISCOR) USCIS Office of Performance and Quality (OPQ)
20,786 is # of Deferred Action Requests (I-821D) Accepted in California (as of 9/12/2012)
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Processed at Lockbox Facilities

Credit: AILA InfoNet

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Process Data from Lockbox Facilities

Credit: AILA InfoNet

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