My Experience with Los Angeles Field Office (LAFO) District 23

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Today I accompany two clients to their marriage interview in Los Angeles Field Office. The first thing I noticed was the long lines outside the building. The lines are divided into two lines, one to get into the main building and the other one to get into infopass appointment room, but both of them seem to allow access into the main building.

Both lines are extremely long and it takes roughly 20 to 30 minutes to pass the security to get into the building.

Luckily, there is an express pass for attorneys who present their bar card and identification. I was able to enter the building within 5 minutes of presenting myself at the door. Attorneys go through the infopass line instead of the back line.

I noticed that the GSA officers have gotten considerably friendlier than before. They greeted the people and did not conduct themselves in a rude manner, compared to a few months ago.

LAFO is undergoing renovation and constructions are being done to the building at several places. There is still no 4G access in the lobby, but at least we are allowed to bring our phones into the building. I am surprised that at the waiting room for adjustment of status on the 6th floor, there is still 4G access, which allows me to blog while waiting.

Waiting today is especially terrible because we are flanked by adjustment of status applicants who have been waiting for more than 3 hours and not been called into the interview. My appointment is at 11am, but at 12pm, those with 9am appointments are still waiting to be called. That is a bad sign, and it shows just how backed up they are.

I expect to wait another 2 hours here in the waiting room. I really shouldn’t complain because at least there is still internet access so that I can work while waiting. Working makes waiting pass quickly.

In the 6th floor waiting room, the citizenship applicants wait in the same room as the adjustment of status applicants. The room is filled up almost at full capacity.

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