Liaison Assistance for VAWA Visa, U Visas, T Visas and I-751 Petition Based on Abuse

If you need liaison assistance for a case handled by the VAWA Unit (VAWA, U, T, or I-751 petition based on abuse), first contact the VAWA, U & T Unit at the Vermont Service Center (VSC) via phone, e-mail, or fax.

1. VAWA Unit Hotline: (802) 527-4888 (Leave a message, and the VAWA, U & T will return your call.)

2. VAWA Unit E-mail Addresses: (I-360 cases) (U or T petitions)

3. VAWA Unit Fax: (802) 527-4859

PLEASE NOTE: Due to safety concerns regarding crime victims and corresponding confidentiality laws, USCIS does not provide individual case assistance for VAWA, U & T cases through the general USCIS telephone number at the National Customer Service Center (NCSC). Instead, applicants and attorneys must contact the VAWA Unit directly as described abov. Additionally, inquiries cannot be submitted through usual channels for applications which tangentially relate, such as an I-765 or an I-131.

If the VAWA Unit does not assist you in resolving your case problem, you may contact AILA liaison by completing a case liaison inquiry. If possible, AILA liaison will forward your case to the appropriate party at the Vermont Service Center (VSC).

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