False Information Will Result in Visa Rejection

The United States, which is a land of immigrants, is culturally amalgamated with people from all over the world. A lot of people from various countries wish to immigrate to the United States for various reasons. While applying for visas to immigrate to the United States, many people tend to provide false information forgetting the fact that untrue information, when discovered, will lead to the rejection or denial of their visas.

There are various reasons for visa denial or rejection. False information on the visa application is considered to be fraud according to the US immigration laws. This will also result in the rejection of visa applications in future. False information on the visa application is said to be a criminal activity against the American government. Such a criminal activity will have serious consequences which will primarily result in the denial of the visa and people who try to enter the United States with false information may be prosecuted by the US immigration officials.

Hence the visa applicants are always required to provide accurate information with respect to personal data and other required information. If applying for a visa because the previous visa application was rejected, information about the previous visa rejection must be provided. If the applicant has criminal records, detailed explanation about the criminal activity must be given.

Most visa applications are found to be rejected for having provided false personal data such as a false name, date of birth, information related to marital status and information about the applicant’s financial status.

At times, visa applications are rejected if the applicants are unable to establish their eligibility for a US visa. It may be because of certain grounds where the applicant does not meet the requirements for the particular visa category.

The visa application has a column where it asks the applicants about previous visa rejections. The applicants must provide appropriate information in that column, if their visa application had been rejected previously. If the applicants have a past criminal history for which they were charged with felonious offenses, information about it must be entered. The applicants must be aware that the immigration authorities have access to their past history. Hence an attempt to furnish false information or hide such information will result in the rejection of the visa application and it may also create more troubles, where the applicant will be unable to get a visa to the United States permanently. But it possible for an individual to get a visa, though the visa application was rejected due to false information, if the applicant is able to plead and convince the government and by fling a waiver of inadmissibility.

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  1. Yes similarly visa extension for immigration benefits is also fraud.

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