Rescheduling of Adjustment of Status, Naturalization, I-751 and I-130 Interviews

Are the reschedule email addresses good for adjustment of status only or can they also be used for other types of cases? For example, is it possible to use these email address to reschedule Naturalization, I-130 or I-751 interviews?

USCIS Response: District 23 reschedule email addresses can be used for rescheduling of other types of cases. The addresses are as follows:,,,,

People are still reporting erroneous denials once a request to reschedule has been received.

USCIS Response: Reschedule email addresses are checked on a daily basis. Please use the email addresses provided in question #1 above.

Should members expect confirmation of every request to reschedule? As of now, confirmations of requests to schedule seem to be inconsistent. Some members receive them, some report that they do not.

USCIS Response: Each Field Office provides a response, either from an officer or an automated response. If you do not receive a confirmation within two days, it may indicate that your request was not received and you should make an Infopass appointment to follow up on your request.

Finally, is there a time frame for such requests to reschedule? Obviously the more notice given, the better but what if something comes up at the last minute? Is 24 hours enough time to submit an email request to reschedule and still have it be processed in advance of the interview?

USCIS Response: Our goal is to make a decision on a reschedule request within 5 business days. A new appointment notice should be issued within 30-60 calendar days.

We prefer the request be submitted as early as possible, however, if an emergency arises and the notice is last minute (w/in 24-48 hours) you may fax your request to the Section Managers listed on the attached directory.

What are the requirements to request a reschedule? Does a reason need to be given (assuming it is the first request to reschedule)? Is any evidence required in submitting a request to reschedule?

USCIS Response: All requests should be reasonable and requested as early as possible. In general, we will normally allow one reschedule request without submitting any supporting documentation. For any subsequent reschedule requests (after the first request) we will request supporting documentation.


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