Los Angeles Residents encouraged to contact Senator Feinstein for Immigration Bill push

Today the United States Senate is having the first mark-up of bill 744, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. We now know that the “triggers” and Title I (border security) will be up first for amendments to be offered, debated and voted on. People from California interested in helping the immigration bill get passed are encouraged to take 5 minutes today to call Senator Dianne Feinstein at (202) 224-3841 or fax at (202) 228-3954 and to share this post with others and ask them to do the same.

Here is a sample script to use when calling, but feel free to improvise your own thoughts, as well.

SCRIPT: My name is xxxxx and live in City, State in regards to today’s mark-up on the S. 744.  I am calling to ask Senator Feinstein to support border reform that is realistic, specific, and cost-effective and that does not delay or hinder meaningful immigration reform or legalization. 


·         Border Security is a worthy goal, and there must be clearly definable border metrics that are attainable and that do not indefinitely hold up the necessarily parallel process of immigration reform.  

·         I want the Senator to support amendments that recognize that law enforcement at the border should be given discretion to target priorities. In addition, there must be strong civil rights protections, adequate training, and oversight to hold law enforcement accountable and well-equipped.

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