Immigration and Customs Enforcement Custody Report Details

On an average work day, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) took 1,509 individuals into custody, as reported in the latest available ICE data from November and December 2012. During the weekends, the volume of detained aliens decreased to an average of 471 people a day placed into ICE custody. Nearly 8,500 individuals were picked up across the country and detained by ICE during a typical week. If these activity levels continue at this pace, Ice will detain around 400,000 individuals during the current fiscal year.

The report focuses on where individuals were first detained by ICE based on their initial location of custody. Seven out of every ten individuals were first detained in states along the southwest border with Mexico. Texas (37% of detainees), Arizona (17% of detainees) and California (15% of detainees) head the list; Florida and Georgia were the two non-border states with the most detainees by ICE, but weekly numbers for each of these states were much lower – between 200 and 250 Ice detainees out of 8,500 each week for the nation as a whole. Six additional states held the next highest levels of enforcement activity, New York, Louisiana, Virginia, Illinois, Washington and Colorado.

To read more of this ICE enforcement activity report, including State-by-State details, please visit this link. If you have additional Immigration questions and are located in Los Angeles or nationwide, contact JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office for a FREE consultation.

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