Senate Judiciary Committee Approves Immigration Bill

Late Tuesday night Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy managed to get a bipartisan immigration reform bill through his committee before Memorial Day, after weeks of keeping the band of senators together. Senate Bill 744 is ready for primetime on the Senate floor.

Once the bill hits the floor, many Senators, both those with good intentions and those with the sole purpose of filibustering the bill, will offer amendments. The next major hurdle of the immigration bill is to make it through the Senate floor debate with its core provisions intact and with what Senator John McCain and others hope will be at least 70 votes in favor of the bill. After this, the Senate will pass the bill along to the House of Representatives for their turn of dissecting the bill, or offering their own version.

During the Senate’s recess for Memorial Day while the Senators are at home, we need to urge them to support a comprehensive bipartisan immigration reform bill. The voices of immigrants and families, American businesses and labor unions, have joined together in making our voices heard. To find out ways you can contact your State’s Senators, visit JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office.

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