Fee’ing Motions for the Immigration Court: Room 1001

Memo from Mary Mucha, Directing Attorney
Los Angeles County Bar Association

Today I spoke to Dianne Armenteros (USCIS supervisor room 1001) regarding this problem about fee’ing Immigration Court Motions for the Los Angeles Immigration Court. Here is what she said. USCIS needs to “count” all cases that are processed in room 1001. They need to know what types of cases and how many are processed on a daily basis.

That being said Ms. Armenteros prefers that attorneys use an infopass to fee in Immigration Court Motions. If attorneys don’t have an infopass appointment they can always go to the “window” in room 1001 and ask for a ticket.

Rules for Room 1001:

1)            Motions for Respondents residing in any city USCIS District 23 will be accepted in room 1001. For example, if the Respondent lives in Van Nuys room 1001 will accept the motion. The motion does not have to be “fee’d” in at the Chatsworth office.

2)            If Respondent resides outside District 23, but the Immigration Court in Los Angeles has jurisdiction, then room 1001 will allow the attorney to fee in the motion, regardless of where Respondent is residing.

3)            If Respondent resides outside of District 23 and the Immigration Court is outside the jurisdiction of Los Angeles then the motion will not be accepted in room 1001.

If these rules are not being followed then attorneys need to speak with a supervisor.

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