USCIS Waiving Certain I-485 Adjustment Interviews for Qualifying Family Members

In an effort to eliminate some of the family-based petition backlog and processing time, USCIS is waiving some I-485 interviews for certain family-relatives. Please see the types that are considered to be waived below:
  1. Unmarried minor children and stepchildren of U.S. citizens (IR7 and CR7) that are accompanied by original or certified copies of supporting documents;
  2. Parents of U.S. citizens (IR0) that are accompanied by original or certified copies of supporting documents;
  3. K1/K2 entrants— Fiancé(e)s of U.S. citizens and children of Fiancé(e)s (CF1/CF2);
  4. Natives/Citizens of Cuba filing under 11/2/66 Act (also spouses/children of such individuals regardless of their citizenship and place of birth) (CU6/CU7);
  5. Unmarried & Under 14 year old children of lawful permanent residents (F27);
  6. Cases where the applicant has been interviewed in the course of an investigation or field examination, and the adjudicating examiner determines that further interview of the applicant is unnecessary;
  7. Cases in which there is sufficient evidence contained in the record to support a denial of the adjustment of status application.
  8. Please note that the NBC will NOT waive the interview for applicants who file:
  9. With Supplement A to Form I-485, Adjustment of Status Under Section 245(i)
  10. With an EWI class of admission
  11. As part of a family packet; unless every application in the family packet meets the interview waiver criteria.

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