InfoPass Appointments at the USCIS Los Angeles Office

  • Now that one needs an appointment to make a payment (i.e. for biometrics), there are simply not enough infopass appointments available. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that attorneys are not permitted to request biometric appointments too far in advance of a court hearing. Attorneys are frequently turned away. If no additional infopass appointments can be given, can USCIS go back to the system in which people can pay for biometrics without making an appointment? This is critical. If biometrics are not submitted at the time of the EOIR hearing, a case can be denied and the applicant ordered deported. Attorneys should be able to fee in an application for relief without making an appointment. Time is of the essence in all court cases and failure to comply with an Immigration Judge’s order or deadline will result in a deportation order.

USCIS Response: In order to manage our workload and track all walk-in customers in our Information Rooms, D23 announced at the State of the District AILA meeting (May 2013) the revision of our IJ fingerprint referrals process. If a customer has a date with the immigration court that is within the next 60 days, our local offices will gladly issue a ticket for an ASC referral without an infopass appointment. Attorneys or runners coming to Room 1001 without an appointment should first check in with the “Ambassador” and submit a complete packet for each of their clients (limit of 5 per day). The fingerprint appointment letters will be ready for pick-up by the attorney or runner at an appointed time or date. However, if the next hearing date is beyond 60 days, we will advise the customer to make an InfoPass appointment. We encourage our D23 customers to make every effort to use the USCIS offices that control their jurisdiction.

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