Cautin Using FedEx Same Day Delivery Service to the Texas Service Center (TSC)

Here at JCS Immigration Law Office in our Los Angeles office,  we watch closely the development of Texas Service Center (TSC) and it was discussed that TSC may refuse to accept packages sent via Federal Express (FedEx) Same Day Delivery. Our Los Angeles based US Immigration Law Office has not faced these difficulties yet but want to caution our applicants using the Texas Service Center of these possible refusals. TSC recently refused to accept delivery of an RFE (Request for Evidence) response that was delivered to 4141 North St. Augustine Road, Dallas, TX 75227 via FedEx same-day service, because the delivery person was not uniformed. FedEx Same Day Delivery service utilizes local couriers and commercial airlines, and their drivers do not wear FedEx uniforms or drive FedEx vehicles. Please see the letter from FedEx explaining why TSC refused to accept the package. Please be aware of this issue in choosing your delivery method to TSC. It is imperative to select a knowledgeable and experienced US immigration lawyer to file your immigration paperwork to avoid rejections or delays due to filing errors.

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