USCIS Extends Validity of Medical Certifications on Form I-693

Los Angeles based Immigration Law Office, JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office has successfully obtained Lawful Permanent Resident status (Green Cards) for hundreds of clients in the Los Angeles area, across the country and around the world. When clients apply for Adjustment of Status United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a medical examination be done by a registered Civil Surgeon on Form I-693. USCIS recently released a Policy Memorandum temporarily extended the endorsement of a civil surgeon on Form I-693 as the former validity period was of one year and some Adjustment of Status applications process longer than a year. JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office monitors news from USCIS and other Los Angeles Immigration lawyers and US Immigration Attorneys all across  the country in order to keep our clients informed on their pending US green card immigration applications.

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