Failure to Complete Membership/Affiliation Question May Trigger RFE

United States Immigration attorneys are reporting to JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office that some lawyers are receiving Requests for Evidence (RFE) from United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) regarding Form I-485. Part 3, Question C of Form I-485, which asks about membership or affiliation with any organization, club, group, etc. as well as military service. The question asks the applicant to list the organization names and dates or to write “None”. Failure to complete this section without stating “Non” is now triggering an RFE. It is advised that more attention be focused on encouraging clients to accurately complete this section or state “None” when appropriate. IT has also been reported that at Naturalization interviews some officers will compare the response to this question on the Form I-485 to the response on a similar question on Form N-400, Part 10, Question B.

In Los Angeles, we advise all our our clients to fully disclose any clubs or memberships they may be active in, otherwise “None” is always stated and we are fortunate enough to have not received any RFEs in relation to this question.

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