While Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation appears to be at a halt, immigrant families are grateful for JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office.

LOS ANGELES, SEPT. 30, 2013 — When Los Angeles residents are in need of a truly knowledgeable US immigration lawyer, many have come to trust Jack C. Sung and his team of legal experts at JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office to deliver outstanding results. For a free legal consultation regarding immigration needs like temporary nonimmigrant visas or “visitor” visas, naturalization and citizenship or concerns regarding Employment Authorization, California residents know the experienced attorneys at JCS Immigration will bring acclaimed skill and passion to every unique case. In the recent months, the skilled immigration attorney in Los Angeles and many of his clients have been very interested in the progress that new immigration reform legislation has made Government. However, as of now, some believe the opportunity for change in the near future may be diminishing as the days pass.

Only a couple months back, projections for immigration reform were seemingly far more promising than they had been in the past years. The Senate approved a bill with bipartisan support only after just a few months into the start of the new Congress. Even the August recess in Congress was viewed as an opportunity to target Republicans and begin a high-pressure movement for a vote in the fall. However, this September, the nation’s attention has turned to issues like the possibility of a government shut down due to budget concerns, and the potential military-intervention in Syria, making the chance to pass meaningful immigration reform in the future appear far from known. Fortunately, while Comprehensive Immigration Reform laws remains evolving, JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office continues to be a vital resource for individuals in need of comprehensive, professional and cost effective immigration services.

With over 5 years of experience, Jack C. Sung and his team have handled hundreds of immigration matters, ranging from employment and family based visas and immigration waivers to removal proceedings. As a highly-skilled and widely-knowledgeable attorney, it is no surprise that Mr. Sung takes great pride in his success. The US Immigration attorney is equally celebrated for the positive impact he has made in the lives of his clients and the surrounding Los Angeles area. In fact, Jack C. Sung has represented hundreds of immigrants facing removal and helped keep many families together.

Advocates of Comprehensive Immigration Reform have viewed 2013 as a critical year for immigration reform, as the potential risk presented by the midterm elections next year could make Republicans skittish to support reform. Yet, no matter what the future holds for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Jack C. Sung is committed to fighting for the rights and relief of immigrants and their families. If you or a loved one is in need of counsel regarding the intricate field of United States immigration law, contact JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office by calling (213) 738-8700 or online at www.immigrationattorneyla.com. Free immigration consultation with English and Chinese-speaking legal experts are available.

SOURCE: JCS Immigration and Law Office

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