USCIS Update on Processing Times of Form I-130s Filed by U.S. Citizens

Due to concerns expressed to USCIS regarding the processing times for Form I-130s filed by United States Citizens for their eligible immediate relatives. JCS Immigration and Visa, located in Los Angeles, has been an advocate in expressing our client’s cases when the cases were outside of the normal processing time for a Form I-130 petition. Through concerted efforts, USCIS is now adjudicating U.S. citizens’ immediate relative Forms I-130 filed as earlu as February 2013. This is a significant step forward, as previously published guidance reflected the processing of these Forms I-130 filed in October 2012. USCIS expects the processing of these Forms I-130 to be increasingly timely in the ensuing weeks, culminating in the return to an average processing time of five months for these Forms I-130 by May 2014.

USCIS has made a focus on these Forms I-130 for the very reason that affected members of the public have expressed their concerns; the importance of family unity. Last month, in an effort to expedite the adjudication of these cases, USCIS began transferring stand-alone Forms I-130 filed by U.S. citizens for their immediate relatives from USCIS’ NBC to its Nebraska, Texas and California Service Centers. This shift improves USCIS’ ability to adjudicate the cases in a timely manner.

If you feel that your Form I-130 petition is outside of the normal processing time, contact our Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys now for a free consultation.

When You Receive a Notice of Transfer of Your Case

If your case was transferred, USCIS will send you a notice listing the transfer date and where your case will be processed. Your original receipt number will not change and this will not further delay the processing of your case. USCIS will take action on your case within 60 days of the transfer date listed in your notice.

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