Nonimmigrant Visa Interview Waiver Program Now Permanent

A pilot program was introduced by the Department of State in January 2012 called the two-year visa interview waiver pilot program. This became one of the cornerstones of President Obama’s initiative to improve and speed up the processing time for nonimmigrant visas for certain categories of travelers to the U.S.

This pilot program has now been made permanent, pursuant to the Department of State’s modifications to 9 FAM 21.102.

According to new 9 FAM 41.102 Note 3.3a, Consular Officers may waive the interview for applicants seeking a renewal to any nonimmigrant visa within 12 months of expiration of the first visa in the same classification.

There is an exception of nonimmigrant visas of E, H, L, P or R classification, interview waivers are also available for nonimmigrant visa renewals up to 48 months after expiration of the initial visa in the same classification.

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