House Republican Backs Legal Status for Immigrants

The Third-Ranking House Republican, Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA) addressed his personal view on the contentious issue of Comprehensive Immigration Reform during an interview in his hometown of Bakersfield, California. JCS Immigration and Visa, Los Angeles Immigration attorneys, stay up to date with the latest news on Comprehensive Immigration Reform and are glad to see the issue being discussed by House Republican leaders as we are eagerly anticipating the Immigration Reform bill that House Republican leaders are soon to release.


McCarthy states “the principles aren’t written yet, but in my personal belief, I think It’ll go with legal status that will allow you to work and pay taxes,”. McCarthy also made it clear that he did not favor a pathway to citizenship for the estimated 11.1 million people currently in this country illegally. His position echoed the views of other senior Republicans who have agreed that undocumented immigrants should have access to the existing route to U.S. Citizenship once they receive an initial legal status and fulfill other requirements not yet set forth by Congress.

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