CBP Meeting: E-3 Australian Visas and the Port of Entry

One of our staff immigration attorneys from JCS Immigration and Visa Law Office attended a quarterly Customs and Border Protection (CBP) liaison meeting with other U.S. immigration attorneys in Los Angeles at LAX Airport. During the liaison meeting, the E-3 Australian employment visa was discussed and below are the minutes from that meeting.

Question: If a Foreign National enters and has an E-3 Visa that will be expiring shortly after entry, is it still CBP practice to admit the Foreign National for a new 2 year period if they can present an LCA (Labor Condition Application) covering the next 2 years or will they only be admitted for the duration of the visa?

CBP Response: The expiration date of the E-3 visa does not limit the period of admission. An admissible E-3 nonimmigrant should be admitted for the period of the LCA subject to the two-year maximum period of admission that does not conform to this policy can be corrected through the I-94 correction process.


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