Republican House Reveals Immigration Reform Principles

On Thursday, while at a GOP conference Cambridge, Massachusetts, Republican House Leaders laid out long-awaited immigration reform principles. The principles, suggest a broad step-by-step piecemeal plan that would include stricter border security and enforcement, an overhaul to the legal immigration system and a form of legal status for those who are in the country without documentation.

After much anticipation, these principles aren’t detailed and are to be considered more of a discussion point than proposed bills at this point. However, it is a start for the House GOP, which has delayed plans and discussions on immigration reform since the Senate passed their bill for Comprehensive Immigration Reform last June.

Speaker of the Republican-controlled House, John Boehner told reporters at an earlier press conference that the “problem has been around for at least the last 15 years and turned into a political football – I think it’s unfair”. Adding, “I think this is the time to deal with it. But how we deal with it is going to be critically important”.

“It’s important to act on immigration reform because we’re focused on jobs and economic growth, and this about jobs and growth,” the speaker told members, according to remarks provided to The Huffington Post by a source. “Reform is also about our national security. The safety and security of our nation depends on our ability to secure our border, enforce our laws, improve channels for legal entry to the country, and identify who is here illegally.”

The Speaker emphasized that he did not agree with the immigration reform bill passed by the Senate last June and that he will not take engage in negotiations with the Senate on it.

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