Customer Identity Verification (CIV) Implementation at USCIS Field Offices

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began implementing a new Customer Identity Verification (CIV) process at its field offices on September 9, 2013. Customers appearing for interviews or receiving an immigration benefit, such as an I-551 stamp or emergency advance parole document are now asked to submit biometrics data in the form of fingerprints and photographs, in order for USCIS to verify the customer’s identity. This enhances the integrity of the immigration system and combats identity fraud.


A: Please provide an update on the implementation of CIV, including an assessment of the success of the initiative thus far.

USCIS Response: On September 9, 2013 USCIS began requiring applicants for Naturalization to submit biometric data, specifically fingerprints and photographs, when appearing at USCIS officers for interviews. This initiative will be expanded to additional form types in the coming months. To date, all Naturalization applicants have been subject to CIV since its implementation.

B: Initial reports indicated that a number of field officers were experiencing significant delays as a result of the CID roll-out. Do some field offices continue to experience delays and if so, what steps are being taken to minimize such delays?

USCIS Response: we have received reports of delays from some field officers; however, USCIS is continually monitoring the implementation of CIV and troubleshooting any problems that arise.

C: What can AILA members and their clients do to help facilitate the CIV process?

USCIS Response: We appreciate your willingness to facilitate the CIV process; however, there is nothing that applicants and/or their attorneys or accedited representatives need to do at this time.

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