Affirmative Asylum Backlog Explained

What is the affirmative aslyum backlog?

USCIS currently has a backlog of affirmative asylum applications that have been filed and are awaiting interviews with USCIS asylum offices nationwide. Currently, there are around 40,000 cases in this backlog and that number continues to increase. 28,000 of those cases were filed in 2013 and USCIS Asylum Headquarters does not expect the number to improve until the end of the current Fiscal Year, in September.

What is causing the backlog?

In addition to adjudicating the affirmative asylum applications, the asylum offices are responsible for conducting the credible fear and reasonable fear interviews. These credible fear and reasonable fear interviews take priority in scheduling over affirmative interviews.

I’ve heard that some cases are getting interviewed and others are not, how come?

USCIS reviews each case on a case-by-case basis, which means the timeframe is not the same for everyone. Although, affirmative interviews have a 60-day adjudication timeframe for completion.

Newly-filed asylum applications are randomly selected by a computer for the available interview slots. If you filed an affirmative asylum case and didn’t receive an interview notice within 30-45 days, your case was not one of the lucky ones and has gone into the backlog.

If you feel your aslyum application has been backlogged and want to know what options there are, please contact our U.S. immigration attorney now for a FREE consultation. 

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