NAFTA TN Visa Checklist

Canadian Citizens wishing to apply for TN classification at the time of entering the United States at the Port of Entry may present supporting documentation directly to the U.S. Customs officer. Canadians applying for TN classification at the Port of Entrys on the northern border and at U.S. pre-clearance stations within Canada have had widely different experiences concerning the evidence and document standards imposed by CBP officers.


Our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles have received a copy of the checklist that CBP uses when processing a citizen of Canada applying for TN classification at the border. The checklist outlines every requirement that the Canadian applicant must demonstrate at the time of applying and can also serve as a notice to assist the applicant in applying again if he or she had initially been refused due to not being able to satisfy the requirements for the NAFTA TN classification.

We have successfully helped many Canadians obtain NAFTA TN nonimmigrant worker classification and provide a FREE consultation to interested citizens of Canada. Contact our immigration attorney now to be provided with a copy of this NAFTA Visa checklist.

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