Proposed Regulations and Document Examples for California Driver Licenses for Undocumented

Last night, a community meeting on AB 60 was held in Los Angeles, California. AB 60 is the bill that passed that will allow undocumented individuals to obtain a Driver License or Identification Card in California. The bill will go into law in January 2015.

Last night at the community meeting, the document requirements, proposed regulations and current examples of documents were discussed. Below are the examples that were discussed.

Each applicant for a Driver License, who does not have legal immigration status in the United States, must provide an identity document, as well as a California resident document.

Identity Requirements

Option 1 – Provide 1 of the following

Foreign document approved by DMV, valid, most recently issued version and verifiable with the issuing agency.


  1. Mexican Federal Electoral Card

Option 2 – Provide 2 of the following

One foreign document approved by DMV, valid, most recently issued version but not verifiable with the issuing agency.


  1. Guatemalan National ID Card
  2. Peruvian Identity Card

Or one valid foreign passport approved by DMV, or one federal government issued ID card with a current photo.

Or one valid consular ID document approved by the DMV.


  1. Ecuadorian Consular Card
  2. Guatemalan Consular Card
  3. Mexican Consular Card

Option 3 Provide 2 of the following

One expired foreign passport with an issue date of 2005 or later.

Or one foreign birth certificate that is either:

  1. Issued by a national civil registry within six months of the application date and contains an embedded photo of the applicant.
  2. Accompanied by an apostille certification and translated by the consulate of the applicant’s country of origin.

Or one federal government issued ID card with a current photo.

California Residence Requirements

One of the following to prove California residency:

  1. rental or lease agreement with signatures of the landlord and tenant along with start date of rental lease
  2. deeds or titles to residential real property
  3. mortgage bills
  4. home utility bills
  5. school records
  6. medical records
  7. IRS or California tax returns
  8. California certificate of vehicles or boats
  9. USPS change of address confirmation (Form CNL 107)
  10. federal government-issued documents
  11. property tax bill or statement issued within the past 12 months
  12. records of a financial institution
  13. a parent or legal guardian may attest on the application to the applicant’s residence
  14. marriage or domestic partnership certificate

If you have any questions about the new California Driver License law for undocumented immigrants, contact our Los Angeles immigration lawyer today for a FREE consultation.



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