Biometrics: How, When and Where?

Our U.S. immigration attorneys have successfully helped hundreds of clients with their important immigration matters. In many cases, once an application for immigration benefits has been filed and received by USCIS, an Application Support Center (ASC) appointment notice is sent out to the client. The ASC notice is an appointment notice for the applicant to visit a local ASC office where he or she will be photographed and have his or her fingerprints captured.

Biometric Appointment Immigration

How Do I Get My Biometrics Captured?

Ideally, applicants should make every effort to attend the biometrics appointment on the date and time indicated on the biometrics notice, and at the correct ASC location. This method allows for the most efficient use of USCIS resources, and adhering to it streamlines the biometrics process for all applicants.

Can I Capture My Biometrics at Another Location? 

Although it is highly suggested and preferred to have your biometrics captured at the date, time and location indicated on the biometrics appointment notice, if this is not possible, having your biometrics done at a different time, date and location may be possible.

Do I Have to Show ID?

USCIS has advised us that the main reason for applicants being turned away at an Application Support Center is because they do not have proper government-issued ID. Biometrics capturing is a critical part of the immigration application process. USCIS captures biometrics to run security checks and to ensure that the person providing the biometrics is truly the same person who has submitted the application. As such, USCIS cannot capture biometrics if the applicant lacks a proper identity document.

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