The Art of Asking Immigration Law Questions for Your Free Consultation

Generally speaking, immigrants who have questions about immigration law and ask questions that are specific to their situation are more likely to receive answers that are helpful to them.  Conversely, people who don’t take the time to think about their questions before reaching out for a consultation would more likely receive answers that do not help them determine their best course of action.  To make the most of your free consultation time, it is best to consider your circumstances first.  You can explore the many informative sections on our website to familiarize yourself with some of your potential choices before you have your consultation, so you can obtain the most helpful guidance from our experienced Los Angeles immigration attorneys.
Card Holder
Asking overly broad questions that cover many areas of immigration law which may not even apply to you is like reading a whole dictionary when you only need to look up one definition. For example, if you were to say:  “I am currently on H-1b status and I want a green card. Please advise…”   many options would not apply to your situation, and would be irrelevant to you.  It would waste your consultation time, and we might not even be able to determine your best options.
Here is an example of a good question:  “I am currently on H-1b status and my employer will sponsor me for a green card.  I only have bachelor’s degree, but I would like to qualify for EB-2; is there a way for me to qualify for EB-2 without obtaining a Master’s degree?”  And the answer would be:  “Yes, if you have 5 years of work experience from another employer, you can substitute work experience for Master’s degree.”  A precise question can be answered with an answer that exactly addresses your needs, and we can decide on the best immigration path to meet your goals.
Don’t wait any longer, contact our U.S. immigration and visa lawyers now for a free consultation!

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