File Request to Renew/Replace Green Card Online Using USCIS ELIS

Beginning November 12, 2014 USCIS will allow Form I-90, Application to Replace or Renew Permanent Resident Card, to be filed online using the USCIS ELIS online system. The new implementation of Form I-90 online will be a two-stage process. At first, USCIS will allow for a 72-hour limited introduction period from November 12 at 10 AM to November 14 at 10 AM. USCIS will formally adjudicate all Form I-90s filed via the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS) filed within the limited time frame.

Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers have learned that the second stage of this implementation will happen in early 2015 when the Form I-90 is fully implemented in the USCIS ELIS system. It is strongly encouraged to always use a trusted immigration attorney when applying to renew or replace your green card.

To learn more about renewing or replacing your Permanent Resident Card, read the section on our website here.

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