USCIS Approves 10,000 U Visas for 6th Fiscal Year!

USCIS Has announced that they have now approved the maximum statutory amount of 10,000 petitions for U nonimmigrant status (U Visas) for Fiscal Year 2015. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys are excited to share this announcement as this is the sixth straight year that USCIS has reached the statutory maximum since it began issuing U nonimmigrant visas in 2008.

What is the U visa?

The U visa is available for victims of certain qualifying criminal activity who have suffered substantial mental or physical abuse and are willing to help law enforcement investigate or prosecute the crime.

I have a pending U visa application that has not been approved yet. What does this mean for me?

Even though USCIS has reached the statutory cap for issuing U visa status, it will continue reviewing pending applications for eligibility for the next fiscal year. A U visa petition who cannot be granted U visa status at the time of the Form I-918 approval due to cap limits, will receive a notice from USCIS granting the individual Deferred Action status and notifying them of the waiting list.

USCIS will resume issuing U visas to approved applicants on October 1, 2015 – the beginning of Fiscal Year 2016, when visa numbers are available again.

Need additional information and advice?

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