Temporary Protected Status (TPS) For El Salvador Extended

Our immigration lawyers in Los Angeles are pleased to see that the Department of Homeland Security has extended the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) period for eligible nationals of El Salvador for an additional 18 months. The extension goes into effect on March 10, 2015 through September 9, 2016.

What is Temporary Protected Status (TPS)?

Temporary Protected Status allows for eligible nationals of TPS-designated countries, who are already in the United States to apply for a temporary work permit in remain in the U.S. on a temporary basis.

I am a Salvadoran National, How Can I Re-Register for TPS?

Current Salvadoran beneficiaries of TPS seeking to extend their TPS status must re-register during the 60 day period that runs from January 7, 2015 – March 9, 2015. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys encourage you to re-register as soon as possible to avoid delays or lapses in Employment Authorization.

How Do I Apply for TPS for the First Time?

Individuals applying for TPS for the first time, may only apply if he or she is a national of El Salvador (or one of these designated countries) and have resided in the United States since January 7, 2015 and have been continuously physically present since April 1, 2015 (the date in which eligible Syrians may apply for TPS).

If you or someone you know needs FREE information on how to apply for Temporary Protected Status (TPS), contact our U.S. immigration lawyers now.

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