January is Human Trafficking Prevention Month

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) plays an active role in the protection of victims of human trafficking, who often times are vulnerable people tricked into modern-day slavery and forced against their own will.

Traffickers will often use their victim’s immigration status, or lack-there-of, to threaten victims into submission. Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys are proud that USCIS, together with victim’s cooperation with law enforcement, will ensure that victims of human trafficking are able to apply to receive lawful immigration status so they are able to remain legally in the United States.

Human Trafficking help

I am the victim of human trafficking or another crime. How can I get legal U.S. immigration status?

USCIS grants T and U nonimmigrant status, referred to as T and U visas to certain victims of human trafficking and other crimes. Applying for these visas are free of charge.

T Visas are for victims of human trafficking and certain eligible family members. 5,000 T visas are available each year for victims.

U visas are available to victims of trafficking, domestic violence and other qualifying serious crimes that violate U.S. laws. Certain family members are also eligible to receive U visa status. Each year USCIS grants 10,000 U visa petitions.

Both these visas allow for eligible individuals to receive employment authorization, temporary legal status and can lead to permanent resident status and a U.S. Green Card.

If you or someone you know needs helps or has been the victim of a crime, contact our office immediately for a FREE immigration consultation and see how we can help today!

Need additional information and advice?

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