Immigrants are Waiting for Immigration Reform

There seems to be no end in sight for comprehensive immigration reform now that it has been a month into the Republican-controlled Congress. The divide within Republican’s own party appears greater than ever to reach an agreement for immigration reform.

Republicans last year argued that a Congress run by GOP will be inclined to deal with immigration reform proposal as early as this year, and the national Republicans have stressed the urgency to get immigration law off the table before the presidential election in 2016. This warning makes perfect sense because Republicans do not want to seem stagnant on the issue of immigration reform because that was what lost them the election in 2012 when President Obama received many votes after pushing for immigration reform through executive actions. Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers offer a free consultation by phone, email and in person.

Many political experts state that a comprehensive immigration reform is not likely to gain traction in Congress because President Obama has gone piecemeal in dealing with immigration reform, and a comprehensive approach is doomed by Republican party’s inability to come to an agreement within its own party. Therefore, although the border bill is GOP’s top priority, there are doubts that the House and Senate can even come to a consensus.

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