5 Things You Need To Know To Get The Most Out of a Free Consultation with Immigration Lawyer

In this age of technology, immigrant clients who need information about immigration and visa laws often first try to find the answers on the internet. While there is nothing wrong with learning about immigration law and visa options on the internet, doing so can create confusion. Immigration law and policy often change quickly, and doing research without professional help online can lead to misinformation easily. Because immigration applications are important to the applicant’s livelihood, knowing how to obtain the necessary information through free consultations from immigration lawyers is essential in taking the first step toward a successful application with USCIS. Here at JCS Immigration Law Office, we offer free consultation with immigration lawyer, and this article will help you get the best answers from our immigration attorney.


1. When it is a simple question, such as asking about where to file a particular USCIS application or how long the processing time is, you should send your question in a text message to our immigration attorney at (949)228-3922 to get a free answer. Our immigration lawyer will immediately answer your question by text message.


2. When you have lived in the United States for many years, or have changed immigration status several times in the past, you should first send an email with answers to these questions: (a) what year did you first arrived in the United States, (b) what visa status have you had in the past, (c) whether you had any arrests in the past, (d) what applications have you filed in the past and (e) if you have any US citizen or permanent resident family members in the United States. Answers to these questions will help the attorney quickly determine how we can help you. This is also very important when you are asking the question for a friend or a family member. You should send answers to these questions to jcs.attorney@gmail.com


3. When you are wondering what options you have, you should probably schedule a paid consultation with our office so that we can run through all the options with you in the office. This is the best option when the attorney have to understand your immigration history by reviewing documents and correspondences to and from USCIS. This option is also better for immigrant clients who do not have a strong command of English and feel more comfortable speaking to the lawyer face to face. However, because the lawyer will have to take time to meet with you face to face, we may elect to charge a consultation fee to provide time.


4. When you are making plans for the future but are not yet ready to submit immigration application, the best option is to email us at jcs.attorney@gmail.com and tell us about your plans. We can send you preliminary information to help assist you determine the cost and the supporting documents that will be required for your particular application. Emailing us first will also help us save a record of your communication, so that when you next contact us we can remember your facts and save time from having to reestablish the facts and pick up where we left off.


5. When in doubt, text or email us instead of making a phone call. We cannot emphasize enough the benefits of emailing or text us instead of calling. We find that when clients call our office, they are often unprepared for the lengthy conversation on very technical immigration terms and options. This often results in confusion or mishearing information and the need to call our office again, resulting in delay in the receiving help from our office. When in doubt, provide as much information as possible about the applicant and background as possible.


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