DAPA National Day of Protest

Tuesday, May 19th, the day that President Obama’s eagerly anticipated federal immigration action DAPA was to go into effect. DAPA or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents, is a program to allow certain eligible undocumented individuals a deprive from deportation and the ability to temporary live and work in the United States legally, many for the first time.

Instead, today marks a day full of rallies and protests as a result of a Federal Injunction, issued by Judge Hansen of Texas, blocking these immigration actions from going into effect.

President Obama announced the program back in November as part of his executive actions on immigration reform. The program would allow for temporary work authorization and the ability to live in a legal status for the period of 3 years, with the need to renew after that three year period. Many of these undocumented immigrants are now in limbo, unsure of their future here in this country.

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