How do I get answers that I need for my questions about US immigration and visa?

JCS Immigration & Visa Law Office offers free consultation for general mmigration and visa law questions, and we love to help immigrants who call our office to ask questions about their options to navigate through the often complicated legal field that is immigration and visa law.

Here are a  few tips from our immigration attorney, who answers hundreds of questions a month, about how to get the best answers and options for your immigration questions:

1. Provide as much background information as possible when sending a question about immigration and visa law. For example, background information such as the date of last entry and the type of visa used, whether visa status has expired or about to expire, and what applications with US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) have been filed would definitely be very useful in aiding the immigration attorney in answering your questions more effectively in a free consultation setting.

2. Clearly describe your goal and what you want to see happen with your immigration status, in the initial request for consultation, so that the immigration attorney can design strategy that best lead to the fulfillment of your immigration goals.

3. Include information about any US citizen family members, such as spouse, children, or parents in the initial request for free consultation. Please also include information US citizen grandparents or aunts or uncles as these information sometimes open up options under US Immigration laws that may provide additional options.

4. Include information about any arrests or convictions in the past, as well as any exits and re-entries into the United States, even if they were not recorded or if you believe that no records exist about those entries and exits.

5. If you are asking about work visa or employment opportunities, please include a copy of your updated resume with your email so that the immigration attorney is better able to assess your work visa options under current US Immigration law.

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