Important Information for DACA Recipients Who Received Three-Year Work Authorization

USCIS recently announced that recipients of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program who received a Employment Authorization Document (EAD) card valid for three-years may need to return their EADs.

On November 20, 2014, when President Obama announced expansions to the DACA program, it included extending the two-year validity period of the Deferred Action status and employment authorization period to three-years and went into effect immediately. However, on February 16, 2015 a Federal Judge issued an injunction which halted the new expansions and thus, any EAD issued by USCIS after that date for a validity of three-years was done so in error and must be returned to USCIS.

USCIS is requesting that individuals with an approved three-year EAD card issued after February 16, 2015 return their cards and the approval notices to USCIS and they will receive new two-year cards in return.

This action does not apply to the approximately 108,000 individuals who did receive three-year EADs on or before February 16, 2015. 

Individuals who are required to return their three-year EADs and have not yet done so will be contacted by phone or in-person by USCIS. For the purposes of retrieving these cards, USCIS may visit the homes of individuals who have not yet returned their cards.

If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles immigration attorneys for additional information and support.

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