USCIS to Discontinue Legacy e-Filing System

In an effort to maintain data security standards and focus on transitioning to the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS), USCIS will discontinue the legacy e-Filing system on September 20, 2015; however, the last date to start new forms in the e-Filing system is August 30, 2015. The e-Filing system has long provided online filing for several USCIS forms. Once the system is discontinued, you must use paper forms when filing all categories of:

Our Los Angeles immigration attorneys advise anyone who requires assistance in completing any of the above forms to reach out to our office for a FREE immigration consultation.

What about USCIS ELIS?

USCIS is transitioning the online filing capabilities to the Electronic Immigration System (ELIS). The system is faster and more secure and is easier to upgrade and update. The forms that are being removed from the e-Filing system will not be available immediately in ELIS but there are plans for USCIS to implement them at a later time.

Please visit our website for more information.

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