U.S. Customs to Begin Biometric Entry/Exit Testing

Our Los Angeles immigration lawyers have learned that U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will begin testing new biometric technology at the Otay Mesa pedestrian U.S.-Mexico border crossing this week to enhance identifying certain non-U.S. citizens entering and exiting the United States.

U.S. Customs uses biometric technology, including fingerprints, facial photographs and iris images in order to accurately verify who arrives in the United States and who leaves. This new technology is being tested to see if it is a solution to assist CBP in better matching entry and exit records along the land border, as well as to protect a traveler’s identity against passport theft.


The current test will be deployed in two phases, with the first beginning on December 10, 2015 for certain non-U.S. citizens entering the U.S. The Otay Mesa Port of Entry will have special kiosks equipped to capture facial photographs and iris images. The second phase will begin in February 2016 and will capture biometric information for all travelers departing the U.S. The biometrics test will run through June 2016 and will only be implemented at the Otay Mesa U.S.-Mexico border.

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