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I heard that H4 EAD rule will likely be revoked by Donald Trump, here are 3 reasons why that won’t happen.

In November 2016, USCIS published the Final Rule for Certain Employment-Based Immigrant and Nonimmigrant Visa Programs that made H4 EAD a rule. USCIS has made the EAD for H-4 status holder (spouse of H-1b status holder) a rule. The rule has gone into effect in 2017 and many spouses of H-1b status holder eagerly await […]

How early should I start preparing for my H-1b petition to meet the April filing deadline with USCIS?

H-1b employers and applicant employees often wonder how early to start preparing for H-1b petition filing, so we generally recommend at least 30 days. H-1b petition packet is consisted of several different important components, such as the Labor Condition Application (LCA), Application Form I-129, employer support letter that details the applicant’s eligibility, detailed job description […]

CNN: Trump to order construction of border wall, boosting deportations, but DACA is likely to survive, for now.

As president Trump takes the highest seat of the United States, immigration is once again thrusted into the center of the political spotlight. Although no detail has emerged, president Trump will likely increase immigration enforcement through tripping the number of ICE agents and officers, who are responsible for enforcing US Immigration law. Although it is […]

3 Important Tips on How to Negotiate H-1b and Other Work Visa Sponsorship When Applying for a Job in the United States

US employers are grossly unequipped to understand work visa sponsorship and often do not care to learn. Often when I speak to international students who are on Optional Practical Training and other foreign nationals who are applying for a job in the United States, I hear their frustration about the employers not knowing much about […]

Please be aware that USCIS recently updated application forms and set dates by which old version will no longer be accepted.

USCIS has uploaded new version of immigration application forms recently and applicants should be aware to only use the new versions. The following is a summarization of the updates granted by US Citizenship and Immigration Services over the past 30 days. As of December 23, 2016 the Application for Naturalization on Form N-400 has been […]

Startup visa alternative will launch in July for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the US economy

International Entrepreneur Rule will become effective in July 2017 and will allow foreign entrepreneurs time to raise funds for their start-up in the United States. Department of Homeland Security has published the final rule regarding the international entrepreneurs who are struggling to maintain their immigration status in the United States because they cannot fit into […]

As cities around the country fight back President Trump’s threat of mass deportation, it is important for immigration lawyers to answer questions from anxious immigrants

Our office has been receiving twice as many calls from concerned immigrants who are not sure what Trump’s presidency means to them. Many of them are on the DACA program, which has been widely rumored to end when Trump takes office. Many of them are international students who think that Trump will cancel or strictly […]