As cities around the country fight back President Trump’s threat of mass deportation, it is important for immigration lawyers to answer questions from anxious immigrants

Our office has been receiving twice as many calls from concerned immigrants who are not sure what Trump’s presidency means to them. Many of them are on the DACA program, which has been widely rumored to end when Trump takes office. Many of them are international students who think that Trump will cancel or strictly curtail the use of H-1b work visa. Our office has been making our immigration lawyers available to answer questions for free to alleviate concerns from our immigrant communities.

It is time for immigrants who worry about the future to be proactive by contacting immigration lawyers to understands the steps to protect their immigration status. Recipients of Deferred Action for Childhoold Arrival (DACA) should actively explore other options to receive legal status and obtain resources to help protect themselves in the event they are sent to deportation proceedings. International students who are applying for H-1b should work with their employer to prepare the H-1b petition with the help of their immigration attorney.

It is time for concerned immigrants to get connected with their immigration attorney so that they can be better advised as Trump makes his move to lead the country into stricter immigration enforcement. Immigration lawyers in our office are ready to take questions and device strategies for immigrants who are worried about President Trump’s draconian immigration enforcement rules.

The number to call is (949)228-3922 which will provide you a direct line to our immigration attorney for a free consultation. Due to high volume of calls lately, immigrant callers are advised to first text phone number with questions and our attorney will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. You can also send your questions to

Below is an article about the New York cities are fighting back Trump’s terrible immigration policies by implementing protections for its residents. Local governments have been working together to shield immigrant residents from unreasonable enforcement of immigration enforcement. Immigrant residents should avail themselves to resources that are out there to help them through the next four years. We are here to help! Take action today and if you know someone who needs help, send them our information. Immigration law is federal law so any lawyer in any state can provide advice and consultation to answer questions from members of our communities.

Cities in New York Advised How to Buck a Trump Deportation Push.

Written by Graham Post


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