Startup visa alternative will launch in July for entrepreneurs who wish to invest in the US economy

International Entrepreneur Rule will become effective in July 2017 and will allow foreign entrepreneurs time to raise funds for their start-up in the United States.

Department of Homeland Security has published the final rule regarding the international entrepreneurs who are struggling to maintain their immigration status in the United States because they cannot fit into an existing category of investor status. This new policy has brought renewed hope for international students who have the capital or the idea for the next new invention to stay in the United States to raise the funds they need in order to make their dreams come true. The final rule has relaxed many of the requirements from the initial proposal and makes it easier for entrepreneurs to qualify for this visa alternative.

The most interesting aspect of the International Entrepreneur Rule is that the investor applicant would not have to inject personal funds to qualify for the new rule.

The most promising aspect of the international entrepreneurs rule is that the applicant for the parole status do not have to inject their personal funds. Instead, they will be afford two years to raise the funds they need to implement their ideas. This is a much more realistic requirement from the traditional E-2 visa where it requires the investor to invest personal funds into the enterprise to qualify for the visa. Instead of having to invest personal funds and prove that the investment funds came from a lawful source, the new International Entrepreneurs rule allows the applicant time to raise the funds necessary to build their business from the ground up. This is a much welcomed departure from the traditional investment immigration where the investor applicant must guarantee personal funds.
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CNN: Startup visa alternative will launch in July.

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