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H-1b Employee’s must-knows: Rights, eligibilities and cautions in an era of immigration unrest.

A large portion of the H-1b employees do not know their rights and responsibilities while working in the United States and unaware of laws that protect them. In recent years, my office received many complaints from H-1b employees, particularly in the Information Technology field, who reported abuse by their employers. The complains generally surround not […]

5 major points to know about the imminent DHS memo on Guidance for Border Security that will impact asylum seeker and immigration detention procedure

DHS is soon to issue a new Guidance on Border Security that can impact immigration detention, asylum application and expedited removal.

Survival​ ​guide​ ​for​ ​newly​ ​admitted​ ​international​ ​students​ ​facing​ ​travel​ ​ban​ ​and​ ​visa​ ​reform under​ ​Donald​ ​Trump’s​ ​Administration

International students are advised against traveling internationally before the new executive order is issued. There were 897,000 international students attending U.S. universities in 2016, contributing approximately $36 billions to the U.S. economy. Although these numbers are steadily increasing year over year, how many newly admitted international students for Fall 2017 are in the shadow of […]