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Choosing Between Processing E-2 Visa Status in the US or Abroad

Today, I received a question from another immigration lawyer friend of mine and I thought I would share it. Basically, a Texas based IT company has recently been acquired by a Taiwanese company, and to train the newly acquired staff, the Taiwanese parent company prepares to send a few technicians over on E-2 visa as […]

Lawsuit Uncovers USCIS’ Double Standards in H-1B Program

For the past several years, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) H-1B visa review and processing procedures have caused confusion and concern among U.S. businesses that turn to highly-skilled temporary foreign workers in specialty occupations to operate successfully. In newly-uncovered documents, it appears that instead of supporting small businesses that attempt to hire highly-skilled foreign […]

2013 H1b Visa

Transition Concerns from F-1 to H1B

As the current economy downtime, some of the most difficult problems are faced by individuals who, after waiting for months, find that the H1B job promised to them is no longer available. Some of the concerns facing these individuals are discussed here. October 1st is the start of the fiscal year (FY) for the federal […]

2013 H1b Visa

H1B Layoff – Strategy When Changing H1B Employer

In an economic downtime, it is important to know what your options are when you are on a work visa.  Termination may come suddenly and you may find yourself scrambling to find another employer to sponsor you.  Understand your options and your responsibilities and understand how to avoid visa stamping, if you can, by following […]