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Navigating the USCIS Contact Center

Navigating the USCIS Contact Center AILA Doc. No. 19101631 | Dated February 10, 2021 Recent Changes to the USCIS Contact Center USCIS has recently updated the USCIS Contact Center phone-tree system. Specifically, the USCIS Contact Center no longer requires numeric prompts and is now completely speech enabled through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. USCIS […]

InfoPass Appointment with USCIS Santa Ana Field Office

Santa Ana USCIS field office reports that walk-in infopass request, even if on an emergency basis, have been turned away at the Santa Ana USCIS field office. Infopass seekers are encouraged to arrive early and bring all evidence of emergency to receive walk-in services when infopass appointments are not available. USCIS hopes to alleviate the […]

InfoPass Appointments at the USCIS Los Angeles Office

Now that one needs an appointment to make a payment (i.e. for biometrics), there are simply not enough infopass appointments available. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that attorneys are not permitted to request biometric appointments too far in advance of a court hearing. Attorneys are frequently turned away. If no additional infopass appointments […]

Fee’ing Motions for the Immigration Court: Room 1001

Memo from Mary Mucha, Directing Attorney Los Angeles County Bar Association Today I spoke to Dianne Armenteros (USCIS supervisor room 1001) regarding this problem about fee’ing Immigration Court Motions for the Los Angeles Immigration Court. Here is what she said. USCIS needs to “count” all cases that are processed in room 1001. They need to […]

Rescheduling of Adjustment of Status, Naturalization, I-751 and I-130 Interviews

Are the reschedule email addresses good for adjustment of status only or can they also be used for other types of cases? For example, is it possible to use these email address to reschedule Naturalization, I-130 or I-751 interviews? USCIS Response: District 23 reschedule email addresses can be used for rescheduling of other types of […]