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DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Application to Replace DS-156 for K-1 Visas Immediately

Effective Immediately, the Department of State has just informed JCS Immigration and Visa, a Los Angeles based US Immigration Attorney’s office, that the DS-160 Nonimmigrant Visa Electronic Application will replace the DS-156 Electronic Visa Application form (EVAF), the DS-156k (Nonimmigrant Fiance Visa Application), and the paper-based DS-230 application for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration (parts […]

If an applicant wants a paper Form I-94 upon admission, is there a way to obtain one?

CBP Response: An arriving alien may request issuance of a paper Form I-94 when applying for admission at Customs. The alien will then be referred to Secondary Inspection to be issued a paper Form I-94. The alien may be delayed depending upon the workload in Secondary Inspection as Primary Inspection officers do not issue paper […]

Applicants are reporting glitches with the automated I-94 system

Examples include: inability of USCIS to verify I-94 issuance in connection with a benefit such as the issuance of an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) for someone who entered in April; inability to view a record of admission. CBP Response: The automated I-94 process was not initiated until May 2013. The alien discussed in the above […]

Are people in wheelchairs treated differently at CBP primary inspection?

CBP Response: CBP/LAX has designated booths for the inspection of persons with disabilities, to include those in wheelchairs. These individuals are still inspected in the same manner as all other applicants for admission. source: CBP/AILA Southern California Chapter Liaison Meeting September 24, 2013