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Customer Identity Verification (CIV) Implementation at USCIS Field Offices

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) began implementing a new Customer Identity Verification (CIV) process at its field offices on September 9, 2013. Customers appearing for interviews or receiving an immigration benefit, such as an I-551 stamp or emergency advance parole document are now asked to submit biometrics data in the form of fingerprints […]

Form I-130 With Erroneous Decision from USCIS Los Angeles

On the I-130 Fact Sheet, USCIS indicated that an old priority date can be used only if USCIS agrees to reopen the petition (in most cases, based on CIS error). If a member becomes aware that an old I-130 was denied erroneously based on USCIS error, where should they go to request that the petition […]

InfoPass Appointments at the USCIS Los Angeles Office

Now that one needs an appointment to make a payment (i.e. for biometrics), there are simply not enough infopass appointments available. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that attorneys are not permitted to request biometric appointments too far in advance of a court hearing. Attorneys are frequently turned away. If no additional infopass appointments […]

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Advance Parole Los Angeles Field Office Liaison Question

The membership wishes to clarify the requirements to request Expedite Advance Parole. In the past, a copy of Form G-325A was sufficient and the attorney was able to pick up the parole on behalf of their clients. As of June 2013, however, the advance parole unit is now requiring an original signature on Form G-325A […]