Consular Returns at USCIS Vermont Service Center

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services’s (USCIS) Vermont Service Center (VSC) has provided our Los Angeles Immigration Attorneys with updated information on handling of consular returns. Our office was informed that consular returns are currently backlogged at six months or longer; however, cases involving H-1B extensions receive more immediate attention due to the nature of the case. VSC also confirmed to our Immigration Lawyers in Los Angeles that its current protocol to “shelf” cases and take no further action on it if it has been returned again to the VSC by the Department of State (DOS) after a VSC reaffirmation.

VSC strongly assured that it is actively working with the DOS to better coordinate DOS transmissions when petitions are returned to the VSC, including detailed information on issues that are presented at the Consulate that may have not been apparent when the case was being adjudicated at the VSC. VSC hopes that in addition to the improved coordination with the DOS, that the recent hire addition of 40 new adjudicators specifically instructed to work on consular returned cases will decrease consular return processing times.

Our team of skilled U.S. Immigration Attorneys in Los Angeles actively communicates with the VSC Committee to track returns and will follow up on this issue in the future, if necessary.Image

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