DACA Expansions in Effect on Feb. 18, 2015!

Our Los Angeles Immigration Lawyers are glad to announce that the expansions to President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will go into effect on February 18, 2015.

The DACA program benefits individuals with no lawful U.S. immigration status who are seeking an initial or renewal of the Deferred Action grant.

The DACA expansion extends the deferred action and work authorization period to 3 years, up from 2 years and allows you to be considered if you:

  • entered the U.S. before the age of 16
  • Have lived in the U.S. continuously since at least January 1, 2010 (rather than the prior requirement of June 15, 2007
  • Are any age (removes the prior requirement to be born since June 15, 1981

If you or a loved one needs immigration help, please contact our U.S. immigration attorneys for a FREE consultation or by phone at (213) 738-8700.

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